The candidate who sat for the CSP exam may appeal his/her test results in accordance with such policies and procedures as developed or amended by the BCP.  If you have an issue with your test results, or re-scored test results, you may appeal the results in writing, setting forth your reasoning and including necessary documentation as applicable.  The appeal must be addressed to the BCP Appeals Committee.  The BCP will consider the written appeal from the examinee at its next regular meeting.  In the event that the BCP determines that the examinee’s appeal warrants further discussion, the examinee may be able to appeal the results in person at the next regular meeting of the BCP.  The decision of the BCP is final.  The official appeals procedures are stated below.



In order to be certified by the Board of Certified Psychometrists (BCP), each candidate must satisfy all education and experience eligibility and credential requirements established by the BCP including passing a written certification examination.  In addition, each candidate granted the Certified Specialist in Psychometry (CSP) designation must demonstrate an ongoing professional commitment to the field of psychometry, association, or other group.  

BCP eligibility standards are applied fairly, impartially, and consistent with applicable policies.  The BCP will not discriminate against any candidate on the basis of a non-policy reason, and will grant certification without regard to a candidate's membership or non-membership in any organization, association, or other group.

Candidates seeking certification or recertification agree to these procedures as the process for addressing certification complaint or appeal matters and that they will be bound by the decisions made pursuant to these procedures.  The decision of the BCP Appeals Committee is final.  

General Provisions:

  • Only the candidate who sat for the CSP exam can file an appeal
  • All candidate information will be kept confidential.
  • All decisions by the BCP Appeals Committee are final.
  • Conference calls are an acceptable form of communication among the BCP and committee members. 
  • The original exam registration fee of $25 is non-refundable. 
  • The appeal must be accompanied by a non-refundable $25 appeals processing fee. 
Grounds for Appeal:
  • The candidate was found to be ineligible to take the CSP exam;
  • The candidate did not pass the CSP exam;
  • The candidate failed to satisfy certification or recertification requirements.  

Content of a Request for Review:

The candidate must submit a written request for review of an adverse certification-related action or decision by notifying the BCP Appeals Committee in writing within thirty (30) days of the adverse action.  The candidate's letter must state and explain in detail the nature of the request and the specific facts and circumstances supporting the request, including all reasons why the action or decision should be changed or modified.  The candidate must also provide accurate original documentation to support their claim.  The request may be emailed to: 

The Appeals Committee Decision:

The BCP Appeals Committee will review and determine the appeal's validity based on the record, including relevant and credible information presented by the candidate as well as BCP policies.  The committee will issue a decision within forty-five (45) days of receiving the appeal and the decision is final.  

Finalizing and Closing Appeals:

The appeals process will be closed, and all proceedings ended, when any of the following occurs:

  • An appeal has been resolved or determined closed by the BCP Appeals Committee;
  • The appeal has been withdrawn or terminated by the candidate;
  • The allowable time period for the filing of an appeal under these procedures and rules has passed or lapsed. 

Approved by the BCP 6/20/06

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