Updating Profile

Dear CSP,

Please follow a few simple guidelines when updating your online Profile (you need to be logged in to do so - enter your email address - the one we have on file - and your password in the upper right corner of this screen).  

  • Name Changes:  Please leave your previous name in parentheses as we have received reports from some CSPs who needed to show they were a CSP for more years than under their new name.  Please use the following format when updating your account Profile: "Smith (Anderson), Joan M." - where Smith is the new name and Anderson is the previous name.  Please also send a quick note to our CSPRenewal Chair so we can update the permanent database.

  • Upon login, if there is an icon to Renew please do not click on it.  For example, if you are not due to renew in 2019 - please do not click on the icon to Renew.  If you are due to renew in 2019 you will be notified starting about 145 days before the deadline.

  • You are strongly urged to include a secondary email address in your Profile.  Every year there are a few CSPs who move, change jobs, etc. and also change their email address used as part of their login information.  The database used here is driven by the login email address.  If we are unable to contact you with important CSP information, such as renewal notices, quarterly CSP updates, etc., having the secondary email address allows us to resend the information to you via the secondary email address.  Please add your secondary email address ("Home email address if different than your login email address") toward the bottom of your Profile page. 

Thank you.


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