Exam Handbook

                                                                                                  Updated 10/20/22 

COVID-19 In-Person Exam Protocol

The BCP has implemented a COVID-19 safety policy for in-person examinees who are sitting for the CSP exams during the pandemic.  Every in-person examinee agrees to and abides to these CDC-based guidelines - see COVID-19 CSP Examination Agreement below.  If an examinee declines to agree to and abide by these guidelines in-person exam entry will be refused and the examinee's exam will not be scored.  If you inform the BCP you will not or cannot abide by this policy please contact the BCP immediately to cancel your exam.  No refunds will be offered on the day of the exam.  These same guidelines apply to in-person exam proctors.  

CSP exam format change starting in 2022:

For years examinees have requested an online remote exam format.  Starting in 2022 the CSP exam is moving from a paper-and-pencil format to a digital format.  This is a significant administration change while maintaining the same high standards established many years ago.  The BCP is very proud of that fact that the exam is psychometrically sound with a 0.91 reliability (2021 and 2022).  Many months have been devoted to ensure the transition from paper to digital will preserve exam reliability as well as test taking security.

Please remember to have your current government issued photo identification and exam registration letter (provided upon application review & approval) available at the time you sit for the In-Person CSP Exam as you will need to present both to exam proctors.

Application deadline to sit for the next CSP exam is pending.

Exam Handbook

COVID-19 CSP Examination Agreement - every examinee is required to abide by the COVID protocols, complete & sign the agreement upon entry to the examination.  

Study Guide

For exam dates that coincide with the annual NAP conference:
Registering for the CSP exam is separate from the NAP conference registration.  



Please refer to the FAQ page for additional answers to many certification questions.

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