Exam Handbook

The Exam Handbook includes information about:                                                                                                      Updated 6/25/18

  • Applying for the Examination
  • Preparation for the Examination
  • Taking the Examination
  • Guidelines for the use of the CSP designation
  • Exam Registration Form 

The next CSP exam TBD

Below are the documents that were used for the previous exam in San Diego exam - they are just presented so you can see what the next set of documents will look like as soon as the exam location has been determined. 

Handbook for the San Diego CSP exam
Attestation of Psychometry Supervision and Professional Experience
Supplemental Attestation of Psychometry Supervision and Professional Experience
Accommodation Request
Study Guide

For exam dates that coincide with the annual NAP conference:
Registering for the CSP exam is separate from the NAPconference registration.


Please refer to the FAQ page for additional answers to many certification questions.

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