Exam Handbook

                                                                                                  Updated 9/26/19

The next CSP Exam is in
New Orleans - October 26, 2019

 Handbook for the New Orleans CSP exam

Attestation of Psychometry Supervision and Professional Experience
Supplemental Attestation of Psychometry Supervision and Professional Experience
Accommodation Request
Study Guide

For exam dates that coincide with the annual NAP conference:
Registering for the CSP exam is separate from the NAP conference registration.  


Fee increases starting 2020:

In the first time since the BCP's inception 15 yrs ago we regret to inform you we have to raise 2 of our fee types.  Starting in  2020 CSP renewal fees will increase to $75 every 2-yrs, while the exam registration fee to sit for the CSP exam will increase to $275 for early-bird registrations and $325 for the regular deadline registrations. 

Please refer to the FAQ page for additional answers to many certification questions.

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