"With a B.S. in Psychology, I knew I would be limited in advancing with whatever job I chose in the field.  I began working in the Neuropsych field 18 years ago as a “Neuropsych Technician” with the foresight that I would eventually have to go back to school if I wanted to further my career.  Thanks to you and the other Board members, with the ever-growing recognition and respect we are gaining as Psychometrists, I make a decent salary (no grad school!) and our department is pushing to increase our position’s pay range even further since we now have four certified Psychometrists!  I love my job and am proud of my recent certification and becoming a member of our growing group of Psychometrists around the country!  I can’t wait to get involved!  Also, thank you so much for all you have done over the years to help Psychometrists become recognized professionals with true credentials." 
                                                                                                                                                             - Nikkie Johnson, CSP - 6/2017


"I currently work as a speech-language pathologist and my certification has earned me respect with my colleagues as having distinguished knowledge in the area of assessment and psychometrics. Also, being a part of a network of CSPs has allowed me to stay on top of current changes in the field and adjust my evaluations as necessary."
- William Strong, MS, CSP - 2/2017

"I can thank my CSP for helping me get this great new job ... in sunny Arizona 

Seriously though, the Neuropsychologist who hired me made it very clear that she wanted an experienced psychometrist who had already obtained the CSP.  I didn't have to sell her on the credential as she was already aware of it and found that it was valuable from other psychometrists she had worked with.  I am no working in an award winning level one trauma and teaching hospital that has an accredited stroke center and is one of the top 5 health systems and a leader in medical education and research.  Like many other large (and even smaller) hospitals, it is in the process of building a Neuroscience Institute and I get to be part of that growth.  The people are friendly and the are is full of sunshine - all I can say to other psychometrists considering the CSP is - go for it.  With Neurosciences becoming a huge portion of American research dollars and focus in the coming years many hospitals are investing in neuropsychology and related services on a higher level than in the past.  I do believe psychometric testing services will become even more valuable, and having that expertise will pay off."
- Patricia Schuler, MA, CSP - 3/2014
"For over a decade I have dreamed of living in a beautiful state in the west.  While studying for my CSP I stumbled across a
job opportunity as a Psychometrist for a Forensic Neuropsychologist in private practice & now I am living that dream.  What a tremendous blessing!"
- A.K., CSP - 1/25/12

“In my Forensic Neuropsychology practice, I am frequently questioned in court about the qualifications of the psychometrist. Having a psychometrist with the CSP designation allows me to respond to any legal inquiry in a very concise and authoritative way.”
 - Craig W. Beaver, PhD, ABPP-CN

“Despite my experience, history and references, the certification in particular is what set me apart and got me the job.”
 - Kate Coriano, CSP - 2013

"Along with my experience it was my CSP credential that convinced my new employer to hire me at the highest possible compensation range."

- Tom Erickson, MA, CSP - 2011


“Having a set standard is integral to best practice in any profession. The CSP sets the bar at a time when the field appears to be expanding. Earning this certification demonstrates my commitment to the highest possible standard and will increase my marketability as the field continues to grow.”
 - Julia Biars, MA, CSP

"In the Center for Behavioral Health at the Cleveland Clinic, we encourage the Psychometrists to become certified through the BCP. While ensuring the development of a strong skill set, the certification also helps to elevate their professionalism, brings an additional layer of credibility to our team as a whole, and offers each of them a significant career advancement opportunity.” 
- Daniel Karchmer, Administrator Center for Behavioral Health Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute

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