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The Board of Certified Psychometrists (BCP) mission is to provide a certification process for Psychometrists by continual improvement and administration of a comprehensive examination that ensures verification of knowledge, minimum 
competence, and enhancement of professional experience. 

In addition, the BCP promotes the value of Psychometry along with providing public and professional awareness of quality in Psychometry practices.

 The BCP endorses Antonio Puente, PhD for APA President. 
He is a strong supporter of the use of psychometrists - as well as certified psychometrists - and is the best choice for neuropsychology. 
Please vote for Tony at the upcoming APA election.

Board of Certified Psychometrists (BCP)
P.O. Box 10247
Virginia Beach, VA 23450


Next 2015 Certification Exams

The next certification exam will be in Austin, TX on November 5th.

Increased CEU requirements in 2015

Starting in 2015 CSPs are required to earn 20 CEUs every 2 yrs, of which at least 3 must be in Ethics.

CEU Opportunity

2015 NAP Annual Conference - Austin, TX (Nov) - or your State, Regional or National Neuropsychological or Psychological Association

New Discussion Group for CSPs

The BCP has recently added a Discussion Group for CSPs - click on the tab For CSPs to join or rejoin.

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